BSD Operating Systems

Title: BSD Operating Systems
Language: English
Who: Fred Morcos
When: April 23, 7 pm
Where: LBS3, FH3

BSD operating systems are free and open source software systems directly descending from AT&T UNIX as opposed to being compatible clones like GNU/Linux. Current flavors of BSD may be quite specialized and intimidating to a beginner, or due to GNU/Linux’ fame may be unjustly overlooked as viable and very competent alternatives on appliances, desktops and servers. This workshop aims to introduce the whos and whys in BSD-land.

We will start with a brief overview of BSD history, then we will move on to more technical topics regarding each of the current major open source BSD operating systems available.

If time permits, we will go into a little bit of detail with installing and setting up a FreeBSD system from scratch, including disk encryption, RAID, ZFS, ports and package management.

Finally, we will walk through a demo of PC-BSD’s and FreeNAS’ ease of installation and use.

If you are keen on doing so, you can follow the demonstrations in VirtualBox or any other virtualization solution you feel comfortable with. Make sure you have installation ISOs ready with you (we will also provide images during the workshop): I suggest PC-BSD, but you can also follow through with FreeBSD if you feel adventurous on the command-line.

I would recommend some prior UNIX or GNU/Linux usage experience as a prerequisite to this workshop. Nevertheless, if you feel interested in operating systems and motivated enough, then by all means join in!

fhLUG “guest talk” at VALUG meetup

Ahoy hoy Community,

next Friday I’ll be giving a talk about hard disk encryption on GNU/Linux using dm-crypt and LUKS at the VALUG meetup in Wels.

If you would like to tag along to hear the talk or simply use the opportunity to socialize with another LUG, leave a comment and I’ll happily take you (pick-up and drop-off possible in Hagenberg as well as Linz).

In the mean time: life free or die hard!

Happy Document Freedom Day

Ahoy hoy Community,
today is the last Wednesday in March, meaning that it’s Document Freedom Day.

On this day we celebrate information accessibility and try to raise awareness of Open Standards. Checkout the DFD Website to find out more about why this is important.

To show our support for DFD, the FSFE Fellowship Group Linz organized an information booth in Linz, near the Passage City Center. Feel free to visit us if you’re in the area. In the evening, the fhLUG is holding an open discussion round about Open Standards in HS6. We hope to see you there.

In the meantime, have a great Document Freedom Day!

March 26th - Document Freedom Day

Document Freedom Day 2014, GPG-Stammtisch

What: fhLUG Document Freedom Day Event && GPG Meetup
When: 26.03.2014, 19:00 CET
Where: FH2, HS6

FULL ENGLISH Version below

Liebe Studentis,

anlässlich des Document Freedom Day am 26.03.2014 wird es wieder ein fhLUG-Event geben. Ich werde zunächst einen kurzen Vortrag über den Document Freedom Day halten, bevor wir gemütlich über die Wichtigkeit und Vorteile von offenen Standards reden. Als kleines Goodie wird es Poster, Leaflets und Sticker zum Mitnehmen geben.

Dem noch nicht genug, werden wir ab etwa 20:00 den ersten fhLUG GPG Stammtisch abhalten. Hier wollen wir in lockerer Atmosphäre Erfahrungen und key fingerprints austauschen. Es soll ein Fixtermin der fhLUG werden, den wir in unregelmäßigen Abständen abhalten wollen.

Wir hoffen, viele von euch dort anzutreffen!

Dear students,

in celebration of the Document Freedom Day on the 26th of March, it is time for another fhLUG event. I’ll give a short talk about the Document Freedom Day first, before we’ll casually discuss the importance and advantages of open standards. As little goodies, there will be leaflets, posters and stickers to take with you.

But as if that wasn’t enough, starting at about 20:00, we’ll have our first fhLUG GPG meetup. This is going to be a recurring event that we’ll hold at irregular intervals. We want to enable you to exchange your experience as well as your key fingerprints.

We’re hoping to see you there!


Liebe Studenten,

auch im neuen Jahr veranstaltet die fhLUG wieder Vorträge mit Themen rund um Linux und freie Software. Den Anfang macht ein Vim-Workshop am 15. Jänner um 19 Uhr. Vim – das ist der Texteditor, der schon viele zum Verzweifeln gebracht hat, weil er sich nicht ohne weiteres beenden ließ.

Wer also noch vor der Klausurzeit sein Know-How aufbessern will, sollte am Mittwoch bei uns vorbeischauen. Und wer weiß, vielleicht hilft einem das neue Wissen ja auch beim Pub-Quiz am Tag darauf weiter.

Im Workshop werden anfangs die grundlegenden Tastenkürzel vorgestellt um Textdateien zu erstellen und zu bearbeiten. Sobald diese gut sitzen, werden fortgeschrittene Befehle vorgestellt, die Vim erst zu dem mächtigen Werkzeug machen das er ist.

Was: Linux-Einführungsworkshop
Wer: Daniel Knittl-Frank
Wann: Mittwoch, 15. Jänner 2014, 19:00
Wo: LBS3, FH3

Sonstige Infos sind wie immer unter abrufbar.

PS. Emacs-User sind ausdrücklich eingeladen! ;)

Die Slides des Workshops sind nun online verfügbar.