fhLUG “guest talk” at VALUG meetup

Ahoy hoy Community,

next Friday I’ll be giving a talk about hard disk encryption on GNU/Linux using dm-crypt and LUKS at the VALUG meetup in Wels.

If you would like to tag along to hear the talk or simply use the opportunity to socialize with another LUG, leave a comment and I’ll happily take you (pick-up and drop-off possible in Hagenberg as well as Linz).

In the mean time: life free or die hard!

Author: Simon Hornbachner

I studied Secure Information Systems and as such, like to call myself a security engineer with a passion for Free Software and DevOps. I'm very interested in combining FLOSS tools and DevOps principles to solve problems like Patch Management, Log Management, Security Event Management or Vulnerabilty Assessment. I strongly believe in Software Freedom and copyleft as a tool to improve Software Freedom overall. This is why, apart from my involvement with the fhLUG, I volunteer for FSFE by being a member of the Austrian team and by coordinating the local group in Linz.

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