Linux/FOSS Meetup Linz #1

Am 18. Jänner findet in der Grand Garage in der Linzer Tabakfabrik das erste Linux/FOSS Meetup statt!

We are thrilled to announce our first ever meetup!! It will be held on January 18th. We’d love to have you join and contribute in building a vibrant community around Linux and everything open source.

Es sind zwei Vorträge geplant: Backups mit Borgmatic und ein Vortrag über Vim.

Die Teilnahme am Event ist kostenlos und für alle frei zugänglich (Voranmeldung erbeten). Die genauen Details finden sich unter

Author: Daniel Knittl-Frank

I studied Software Engineering in Hagenberg. My master thesis dealt with cross-platform portability of .NET applications under Mono on Linux, specifically with the HeuristicLab optimization framework. I do most of the boring stuff at fhLUG, such as organizing events and taking care of the website. Talks I have given have covered several diverse topics, including typesetting with LaTeX, version control with Git, the Neo keyboard layout, the Vim text editor, regular expressions, and shell scripting.

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